Work Smarter, Not Harder
  • Improve your ability to sort through all of the e-mails, tweets, posts, instant messages, Web sites and other digital items that overload you
  • De-stress your life so that you can eliminate information-induced pressure, stress, anxiety, fear and other health-related problems
  • Reprioritize and simplify your informational sources so you can accelerate productivity and lift performance to higher levels
  • Speed up innovation through increased collaboration among your team members, colleagues and other stakeholders
  • Achieve industry-leading competitiveness by harvesting the full intellectual capital potential of your organization
  • Leverage key learning insights to stay ahead of the technological challenges that will face knowledge workers in the future
  • Dr. Nick Bontis bombards us with a timely, informative, common sense tutorial on today’s information dilemma.

    by Ron Foxcroft, founder and CEO, Fox 40 International

  • Lock yourself away for a day and read Information Bombardment. You won’t regret it! Better still, your family and friends will thank you. Mine did!

    by Dr. Edward A. Minich, former president and CEO, Otis Canada

  • Nick Bontis spins a compelling tale of the knowledge world. He covers everything from the alphabet to the Internet in an easy-to­-read style.

    by Dr. Jac Fitz-enz, founder, Human Capital Source

  • Dr. Nick Bontis serves up powerful facts and revealing insights that remind us that technology makes a great ser­vant but a poor master.

    by Jim Letwin, president and CEO, JAN Kelley Marketing

  • If your e-mail inbox is a never-ending game of Tetris, this book is for you!

    by Mitch Joel, president, Twist Image; author of Six Pixels of Separation

  • Dr. Nick Bontis weaves a fantastic journey through time while examining how information, and our constant hunger for it, is consuming our lives.

    by Frank Andreoli, MDRT member, Andreoli Financial Services

  • Nick offers sage advice on living a better life by managing knowl­edge rather than being bombarding with information.

    by Jeffrey A. Berk, chief operating officer, KnowledgeAdvisors

  • Nick’s brilliant balance of firsthand stories, real-world examples and technological detail provides amazing clarity to a rather complex and expanding phenomenon.

    by Dr. John P. Girard, professor, Minot State University

  • Sit down, strap on your seat belt and prepare yourself for a journey through communication and intellectual history.

    by Michael Kovacs, president and CEO, Harvest Portfolios Group

  • The book moves along at the same pace as Nick’s presentations and is equally engaging and entertaining.

    by Stephanie Barnes, chief chaos organizer, Missing Puzzle Piece Consulting

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