This book is dedicated to my “big fat Greek family”.
May we continue to enjoy each other under the warmth of the sun, and may God bless our health and happiness.


I have received a great deal of emotional and intellectual sup­port while writing Information Bombardment. For every person acknowledged, scores of others go unmentioned. I am grateful to all of them.

First, I would like to thank my speaking agent:

Martin Perelmuter
Speakers’ Spotlight in Toronto

My agents at Speakers’ Spotlight have advised (yelled at) me on numerous occasions over the last several years to shut up and just write the damn book. Well, finally I did.

Second, thanks to my academic colleagues who provide conceptual stimulation and a constant reminder why research and teaching must go hand in hand. Hearty handshakes go out to Mary Crossan, Chris Bart, Peter Vilks, Alexander Serenko and Paul Bates. Plus, a shout out to all of my past, current and future students. Thanks for allowing me to shape your minds three hours at a time.

Third, I would like to acknowledge my business partners, through whom I learn to apply my crazy ideas. High fives go out to Don Tapscott, David Brett, Jac Fitz-enz, Michael Kovacs and anyone else who has entrusted me for consulting services. I truly appreciate your business.

Finally, my sincerest gratitude goes to the editing, produc­tion and marketing team that helped transform this book from idea to reality. Cheers go to Doug Childress, James Uttel, Jes­sica Gorham, Olga Vladi, Larry Leichman, Andrew Carreiro, Ryan Burgio and Sourov De. Weren’t those weekly Skype calls just awesome?

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