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4 Responses to “Chapters”

  1. A smartphone app that reminds you to unplug. Introducing the last smartphone app you will ever need. Well, more like the last app you will use for at least 25 hours. It’s called the Sabbath Manifesto app, and it is meant to be a way to make a pledge to disconnect from technology.

  2. Cellphones do not work here, e-mail is inaccessible and laptops have been left behind. It is a trip into the heart of silence — increasingly rare now that people can get online even in far-flung vacation spots.

  3. Check out this video on Always Good News TV in which I talk about a new search engine called

  4. Dear Nick, we are very excited about the launch of your new book here in Finland. I understand that will be selling it in mid-April. Do you know if Amazon in the UK/Europe will also be shipping it?


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