The Institute for Intellectual Capital Research (IICR) is recognized globally as a leading research think-tank, consulting and management development firm. The Institute also provides KM diagnostic audits for corporate and government clients.  The Institute’s objectives are to:

  • measure employee behaviours and their impact on performance
  • diagnose the knowledge management and intellectual capital of organizations
  • consult organizations which currently have CKOs or are considering a KM initiative
  • recoup millions of dollars a year in knowledge waste and duplication
  • educate senior management’s understanding of the importance of KM
  • assist knowledge workers to reduce the time wasted looking for information
  • institutionalize appropriate leadership characteristics and cultural values that promote collaboration
  • implement the optimal technologies that enable the leveraging of intellectual capital

The IICR enjoys a world-wide reputation for analyzing organizational data (e.g., human capital metrics, employee surveys, call centre statistics, etc.) and developing recommendations that provide actionable advice for organizational leaders using causal model methodologies.  Some past clients include: Country Terrace, CUMIS, Defence Acquisition University, Enmax, Health Canada, US Navy, United Nations among many others.

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