The official book launch party took place on Thursday April 14, 2011 at the Carmen’s Banquet Hall in Hamilton, Ontario.  Over 195 guests attended the wondeful bash hosted by PJ Mercanti with the Master of Ceremonies Peter Vilks.

The event was a wonderful evening of celebration and socializing – with a few surprises thrown in too including:

  • “hot off the press” copies of the book, DVDs, CDs and custom-made whistles
  • meet and greet with Dr. Nick Bontis who personally autographed every guest’s book
  • Six colleagues of Nick’s provided humurous roasts (funny and embarrassing presentations about his past)
  • fantastic selection of gourmet appetizers prepared by Carmen’s head chef (yummy, yummy)
  • an outstanding assortment of specially-made desserts (forgot the diet for one night of bliss)
  • a free passport to all interactive brain teaser games and knowledge worker productivity challenges (tons of fun, prizes were handed out for top scorers)
  • an opportunity to socialize and meet with various business executives, government officials, students and leaders in the community (hob nob with the who’s who)
  • funds were raised in a raffle draw with 100% of the proceeds donated to the United Way

Plus, Dr. Nick Bontis presented a brief excerpt from his book, an overview of the months leading up to the launch and his plans for the future.

Book: Information Bombardment by Nick Bontis PhD

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