Dr. Nick Bontis bombards us with a timely, informative, common sense tutorial on today’s information dilemma. Technological changes, too much information, too many unknown sources, and the decline of face-to-face communication have changed the way we receive and disseminate information. I travel over 200 days a year and am seldom in the same time zone as my office. I depend on technology to receive and send accurate, current, concise, con­fidential and relevant information. Nick’s book is a must-read for all my senior staff! On a personal note, I have experienced many times Nick’s passion for the art of communication and his ability to convey his approach to information management both to large audiences and in boardroom settings. Most importantly, whether it’s in person or in this book, he delivers his essential message in a way that we can all understand.

—Ron Foxcroft, founder and CEO, Fox 40 International

Today’s knowledge seeker is deluged with information 24/7. The con­flict between knowledge assimilation, effective human interactions and private, tranquil “me” time afflicts all information consumers in the twenty-first century. Thankfully, Nick Bontis brings some insightful wisdom to these issues. Lock yourself away for a day and read Information Bombardment. You won’t regret it! Better still, your family and friends will thank you. Mine did!

—Dr. Edward A. Minich, former president and CEO, Otis Canada

Nick Bontis spins a compelling tale of the knowledge world. He covers everything from the alphabet to the Internet in an easy-to­read style. Implications and applications range from the individual to the organization. It is truly a comprehensive story of one of the most fundamental issues in life: knowledge.

—Dr. Jac Fitz-enz, founder, Human Capital Source

Nick Bontis addresses a problem that has left society unable to cope effectively: information bombardment. His enlightened insight is brought to life by his humor and personal stories about a phenom­enon that impacts our daily lives at multiple levels, affecting our health and relationships. Besides clearly outlining the issues, Nick provides actionable prescriptions to help us succeed in today’s tech­nologically complex world.

—Don Pether, retired chairman, president and CEO, Dofasco

This is the elegant telling of the “what, so what and now what?” of the Information Age. Dr. Nick Bontis serves up powerful facts and revealing insights that remind us that technology makes a great ser­vant but a poor master.

—Jim Letwin, president and CEO, JAN Kelley Marketing

Nick Bontis is an inspirational individual who demonstrates in-depth understanding of our rapidly changing, knowledge-based world. Information Bombardment combines Bontis’ academic acumen with witty, personal-life experiences, leaving the reader informed and entertained. Above all, the reader is inspired to reflect personally and organizationally with an eye to strategic changes that will help to maximize productivity and success.

—Murray T. Martin, president and CEO, Hamilton Health Sciences

Dr. Nick Bontis has an uncanny ability to take complex techno­logical concepts and distill them into sound bites that are as easily understood and equally valuable to the technocrat as they are to the novice. This book is a must-read if you want to stay on top of the digital revolution tsunami that has already formed off the coast and is heading quickly to every shore the world over.

—Martin H. Charlwood, president and CEO, Uniglobe Travel; vice chairman, Century 21 Canada

If there’s one thing human beings crave above all else, it’s informa­tion. I know, you thought I was going to say “sex.” The truth is that we’re hunting down information much more than we’re prowling for sex. In this world of Twitter, Facebook, blogs and Google, informa­tion is anywhere and everywhere. How do you handle it, deal with it and manage it all? Thankfully, Nick has written Information Bom­bardment to help you get it all sorted out and in order. If your e-mail inbox is a never-ending game of Tetris, this book is for you!

—Mitch Joel, president, Twist Image; author of Six Pixels of Separation

Information Bombardment is more than just a book that you will keep prominently on your bookshelf. It is a lifeline resource that will assist you in getting back your most important asset: your time. Using on his considerable academic research and consulting practice, Dr. Nick Bontis weaves a fantastic journey through time while examining how information, and our constant hunger for it, is consuming our lives. He provides various personal stories, case studies and business examples of how we can accelerate knowledge-worker productivity across four levels of analysis: individual, group, organizational and institutional. Above all, the book is written in a straightforward style and endowed with page-turning momentum. Furthermore, Dr. Bontis provides the reader with invaluable Web resources after every single chapter so that your learning continues long after you have finished reading the book for the first time.

—Frank Andreoli, MDRT member, Andreoli Financial Services

There is no end to information, and there is certainly no way to slow down the speed at which it is growing today. Nick Bontis helps us quickly understand that this is a race that cannot be won. From the outset this book will have you wondering how we allow ourselves to be caught in this trap. The author provides a clear understanding to help us deal with our insatiable desire to always be connected in the Information Era at all levels.

—Alex Rechichi, president and CEO, Extreme Brandz

Information Bombardment is a unique look at how an overload of information impacts individuals, organizations and institutions. Bontis warns that too much information not shared and synthe­sized properly can be dangerous but also provides examples of how information turned into intelligence can be powerful and even life-saving. This book is a must-read for anyone with a Blackberry device, and the “Rule Wizards” section is great for e-mail addicts looking to better manage their inboxes. The book touches the reader at a personal level and reminds us all that there must be a balance between our information intake and what matters most in our lives. Nick offers sage advice on living a better life by managing knowl­edge rather than being bombarding with information.

—Jeffrey A. Berk, chief operating officer, KnowledgeAdvisors

Information Bombardment by Nick Bontis is an absolute must-read for today’s knowledge workers and their leaders. Unlike most books in the domain that contribute to the problem, Information Bom­bardment is an enjoyable read that offers actionable ideas to combat the malady. Nick’s brilliant balance of firsthand stories, real-world examples and technological detail provides amazing clarity to a rather complex and expanding phenomenon. Well done!

—Dr. John P. Girard, professor, Minot State University

This book is a rare combination. Both heartfelt and helpful, it is a timely and thoughtful guide to living and working productively in a world of digital immersion.

—Dr. Carla O’Dell, president, APQC

Information Bombardment is more than a discussion of today’s information overload. In his book, Nick Bontis provides marvellous insight into tomorrow’s information avalanche and how individuals and organizations might prepare for this unstoppable eventuality. His masterful book is well worth the read.

—Dr. Jerry Blanton, cofounder, Carrier Team One, AMSEC

Sit down, strap on your seat belt and prepare yourself for a journey through communication and intellectual history. Be prepared to take off in a time of cave drawings and land in the whirlwind of modern-day hyper-communication. What does it mean, where is it taking us and is it too much? Will we adapt or will our human circuit breakers eventually shut off and turn the thinking over to artificial intelligence? Nick Bontis takes us through past discoveries and future predictions that most of us don’t consider in our day-to-day lives. Information Bombardment helps shine a personal and entertaining light on the undeniable wall of hyper-communications and information that comes our way daily. Ready or not, you should read this book.

—Michael Kovacs, president and CEO, Harvest Portfolios Group

In this entertaining and insightful read, Nick Bontis offers a trou­bling diagnosis of society’s information addiction—a disease that’s negatively affecting people and organizations in the form of costly information irrelevance, personal stress and inefficiency. Nick’s expansive review of this problem forces a therapeutic reflection of the costs of our preoccupation with information. His simple yet powerful methods to manage, disseminate and process information are effective remedies. A must-read for busy managers!

—Meaghan Stovel McKnight, director of IT, Bell Canada

Nick has written a thoughtful and practical guide to dealing with information overload, not only for individuals and groups but for organizations too. The book moves along at the same pace as Nick’s presentations and is equally engaging and entertaining. I know right where I’m going to start to solve my information overload problems!

—Stephanie Barnes, chief chaos organizer, Missing Puzzle Piece Consulting

Everything is different now! Knowledge mobilization is in the final stages of transition from a privileged few to everyone; all the time. Think about researching two books in the library—now think about researching a million books. If you wish to educate or employ workers in the digital economy; if you are involved in policy devel­opment, or if you simply want to understand, let alone compete, you need to read this book by Nick Bontis from cover to cover.

—Paul K. Bates, former dean, DeGroote School of Business

This book is a lifeline for the modern knowledge worker. Nick Bontis combines practical advice with high-minded theory to tackle the negative effects of information overload and provide a guide for working smarter in the Digital Age. In the process he delivers an engaging, wide-ranging and piercing exploration of how living in the Information Era impacts individuals, groups, organizations and societies.

—Mike Prokopeak, editorial director, Chief Learning Officer and Talent Management magazines

Information Bombardment is unique in its approach to today’s chal­lenges with information both personal and professional. From diagnostics on how we got here and predictions of where we are headed, Nick offers sound advice and tools to help us all manage our time more effectively, so we can spend more of it on the things that are truly valuable—family, friends, ourselves—and maintain suc­cessful, profitable and satisfying careers.

—Rebecca Mountain, principal, Impetus Consulting

Professor Bontis’ insightful observations, compelling examples and lively writing style are just what we need to survive and thrive in the knowledge era. His helpful advice on how to transform challenges into opportunities fills a gap in this vital field of study and practice. Clearly, it’s time to reboot our perceptions and expectations of infor­mation sharing and knowledge translation.

—Heather Pullen, manager, PR & Communications, Hamilton Health Sciences

Information Bombardment is worthwhile reading in the age of infor­mation overload. Nick Bontis’ insightful, entertaining presentation reminds us that knowledge is power—and it has the power to over­whelm knowledge workers and the institutions who rely on them when it is not managed closely. The book’s clear action plan is a diet for the information obsessed and a highly recommended way to make information useful again.

—Ted Hastings, president, Cyberplex

As you draw from the hundreds of stories and personal accounts that are a hallmark of this brilliant book, you realize that there is a piece of Nick Bontis in all of us. That is why one is compelled to turn each page and learn just how to deal with information bombard­ment. In this intensely personal and vivid book, Nick offers a rich, historical perspective, powerful metaphors and insights that reveal our technologically complex lifestyles. But Nick also creates a space for us to contemplate just what we might do to make big changes that can make qualitative differences in our lives and in the lives of those for whom we care.

—Dr. Arshad Ahmad, 3M national teaching fellow, Concordia University

With this powerful statement from his book, Information Bombard­ment, Nick Bontis sets the stage: “We have entered an accelerated period of change. The knowledge era in which we now find our­selves has created changes within our world that far exceed the speed of change in generations past.” Nick Bontis clearly explains our knowledge environment, how we got here, the consequences of information bombardment, and some comprehensive, practical solutions that will help us become more effective users of knowledge. The book is an easy read of a complex subject; for me, Nick’s primary contribution to the discourse is his connecting the dots with sug­gested navigational aids within the potential chaos of unmanaged information bombardment. This book is a must-read for us all!

—Dr. Christopher R. Hardy, director, Defense Acquisition University

Thirty years ago, the data wasn’t available; today, we sometimes wish someone would just make the data overload stop! The end result is the same: individuals, organizations and institutions still struggle to turn data into valuable, actionable knowledge. Nick’s book is very timely in its calls for us to evolve beyond gorging ourselves at the data buffet and to move towards a more mature, discerning use of information to enrich our individual and collective lives.

—Dr. Philip E. Hunter, Saratoga Canada lead, PricewaterhouseCoopers

When we use our gadgets—mobile phones, tablets, iPods, notebooks and others—we don’t even think of their effects on our behaviors and our environments. Nor do we think about how these things affect our social interactions with others. Clarifying these issues is the essence of Nick Bontis’ book, Information Bombardment. It covers the whole range of influence, from the individual to the institutional level. Nick Bontis presents an entertaining proposition worthy of the attention of every reader, regardless of education or business position.

—Dr. Ante Pulic, founder, Croatian IC Center, University of Zagreb

Harnessing and grasping the information we receive on a daily basis, both at work and at home, has become a chronic challenge as we are forced to adapt, digest and learn on the fly. Nick Bontis has deftly condensed many areas of our digital world into a guide­book that describes the e-universe around us and how to manage it intelligently. I found myself connecting with many of the real-life scenarios Nick shares in Information Bombardment. He offers a refreshing look and viable options that we may integrate into our busy professional and personal lives. A great read!

—Mitch Bauer, owner and president, Bauer Systems

Thoughtful, insightful and visionary… Nick Bontis outlines the good and the bad of knowledge bombardment and our endless thirst for information. This book explores these fundamental concepts, pro­viding insights into our modern world and ultimately into our own inner workings. Like a true specialist in his field, he not only defines the issues but offers valuable solutions to help keep us afloat in the sea of knowledge, improve our quality of life and bring about much-needed balance. A must-read for anyone in the academic field.

—Dr. Atul Humar, director, Transplant Infectious Diseases, University of Alberta

Nick’s book provides some great insights into the information chal­lenges we all face in everyday business. He helps us understand how we got here and then provides some practical and useful tools to help us manage our way through the tidal wave of information. This is a must-read for anyone in business!

—Richard Koroscil, president and CEO, Hamilton International Airport

Information Bombardment is a useful and practical guide for knowl­edge workers. Nick Bontis compiles common, everyday experiences and offers micro and macro views of the implications of information overload in your personal and professional lives. It is an entertaining read!

—Vasilis Tsaitas, investment manager, Enolia Premium Capital

Dr. Nick Bontis offers cover to people and organizations pinned down by an incessant barrage of information. He exposes the human forces driving a worldwide addiction to unfiltered informa­tion and its assault on our quality of life. And, with a hopeful smile, he invites us to be more discerning in our choices as the first step to liberating time for family, friends and reflection. Use this important book to design an information management strategy that puts you in charge.

—Richard W. Allen, managing director, Hamilton Economic Summit

Nick is at his best when he writes like he presents: dynamically and energetically. I found that the stories throughout Information Bom­bardment leapt off the page while clearly illustrating the principles that are critical to all of us wishing to thrive in the Information Age. These are stories that will make you ponder if we will ever take control of the constant barrage of information we face daily. Nick’s personal tales of how life can get out of balance certainly resonated with me, and I am encouraged by the prescriptions he offers as a cure. Now I need to implement these words of wisdom!

—Don Williamson, president, The Williamson Group

Information Bombardment is a rare book—a pleasure to read and rich with insight and anecdote.

—Dr. Chun Wei Choo, professor, iSchool, University of Toronto

Every business, not-for-profit organization and individual is trying to understand where we’ve been and, more importantly, where we’re going in the digital world and the knowledge economy. Dr. Nick Bontis’ latest book connects the dots for all of us in a user-friendly way while including very helpful additional resources at the end of each chapter.

—David Adames, executive director, Tourism Hamilton

In his uniquely candid and inimitable way, Dr. Bontis gauges the costs of information bombardment and our obsession with infor­mation in regard to our time and quality of life. He offers relevant and practical—though not necessarily easy—solutions to help all of us better manage the onslaught, get the value we need, and move on. Read it from cover to cover, or “take a page from the book” and read only the relevant bits. Either way, it’s well worth the investment of your time and attention.

—Howard Deane, cofounder, Acme Metric Company; former CKO, KPMG Canada

During the 1960s and 1970s, knowledge workers often spent hours trying to locate key information for decision making. A generation later, the problem is too much information! Knowledge workers today spend hours sifting through mountains of data and infor­mation in order to reach critical decisions. Analytical software is limited in its ability to identify the right piece of information at the right time. Coworkers and networks of “experts” may be able to contribute insights, but often they, too, do not have access to all of the information needed to solve a problem or reach a critical con­clusion. Nick Bontis expertly addresses these concerns and more in Information Bombardment and provides knowledge workers with a set of practical solutions to enable each person to improve pro­ductivity while also creating a more holistic work and personal-life experience.

—Rory Chase, managing director, Teleos

Nick Bontis has written a book that is highly accessible, thoroughly engaging and wonderfully illuminating. He takes us on a provocative tour of the information universe. He effectively charts the perva­sive and universal impact that the relentless flow of information is having on our harried lives. The practical prescriptions he advances are a welcome restorative towards achieving better balance, success and mastery of our lives.

—Bryan Elliot Davis, president, Kaieteur Institute for Knowledge Management

Information Bombardment may well be the number-one challenge facing society today. Dr. Bontis eloquently and entertainingly points out the insanity of our “need to know” world and the negative impact that it can have on our productivity and our personal lives. After leading us though a twenty-first-century self-diagnosis of our col­lective problem, Bontis prescribes some practical tips for survival. Turn off your smartphone and read what he has to say… It just might save your day.

—Paul Salvini, CTO, Side Effects Software

Dr. Nick Bontis, a veritable force of nature, provides an all-encom­passing review of information bombardment. In a wonderful paradox, he both bombards us with information and provides us with the tools to manage the very bombardment he creates. A wonderfully engaging read for those of us who are addicted to information, Dr. Bontis’ survey of the magnitude, nature and man­agement of information bombardment ranges from a discussion of reality TV and American Idol to academic studies of intellectual cap­ital. Information Bombardment provides a worthy diagnosis of one of the key challenges that an increasing proportion of the world’s population faces individually, organizationally and institutionally, with thoughtful suggestions as to how we might avoid some of the most dire consequences.

—Dr. Anthony K.P. Wensley, Faculty of Information, University of Toronto

When I first met Nick Bontis eleven years ago, he changed the way I saw the world of business. Those who know Nick, and those who have heard him speak, know what I am talking about. His grasp of the digital information revolution is legendary. Now he has brought his trademark insight, passion, candor and humour to a larger audience through this compelling and highly recommended book. Information Bombardment should be on your must-read list.

—David H. Brett, CEO and founder, Knexa

Dr. Nick Bontis presents compelling evidence of the creeping negative impact of information bombardment on individual life, organizational efficiency and institutional productivity. His expo­sition is from a practitioner’s perspective, hence every knowledge worker can relate to it. He presents numerous life-saving, pragmatic and actionable solutions for all knowledge workers who wish finally to achieve the dream of working smarter, not harder.

—Dr. Rafik Loutfy, former vice president, Xerox Corporation

This book is a must-read for all knowledge workers to help them explore how to work smarter. Dr. Nick Bontis helps us make sense of the reality of information bombardment and how to cope with it effectively. With humor and multiple perspectives through a his­torical timeline, he offers practical advice for individuals and the organizations for which they work. This book is both fun to read and easy to use.

—Dr. Edna Pasher, author, The Complete Guide to Knowledge Management

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