Dr. Nick Bontis is considered a leading academic researcher in the fields of intellectual capital and knowledge management.  His ground-breaking doctoral dissertation became the number one downloaded thesis in Canada.  He has published over 66 articles in peer-reviewed journals, over 30 articles in peer-reviewed conference proceedings, and 12 teaching cases.  His publications have won or have been nominated for over 12 research awards.  Many of his papers are among the top cited articles in the history of their journals.  He has amassed over 4,800 citations and an h-index of 24 (Source: Harzing PoP) placing him among world’s most influential authors in the KM/IC field.  He has earned over half a million dollars in research grants and is the only two-time winner of the DeGroote Research Award (Research Excellence 2006-2007, Research to Practice Excellence 2008-2009).  He is the only professor at McMaster to have ever won the faculty researcher of the year, the undergraduate teacher of the year, the MBA teacher of the year, and the university teacher of the year all simultaneously.  Plus, he is a 3M National Teaching Fellow, an exclusive national honour for recognition of his educational leadership and contribution to pedagogical research.

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